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Waterpark Montessori International - WMI


WMI is an international Montessori teacher training college established in 1999.  WMI trains Montessori teachers and develops dedicated online systems which can be used by Montessori students, teachers, parents and pupils.  It is from our knowledge of the needs of Montessori teachers that Flex Montessori was born.


The goal of Waterpark Montessori International (WMI) is to interpret the work of Maria Montessori (1870-1952) by emphasising her philosophy of living life at all ages with fulfilment and joy, respect for others and the environment, and a commitment to active peace.


WMI works for this goal by training and educating Montessori teachers, by advising Montessori schools, preschools, training organisations and parents, by building software programs for Montessori teachers, schools and pupils, and by providing ancillary courses and publications. WMI carries out this work in a variety of ways (onsite, online, short courses, full training programmes and dedicated software programs) but at all times focusses on this interpretation of Montessori’s work, while at the same time adhering to international quality standards.



Training - Onsite & Online


The personal connection between people is an important part of learning. In addition, much of the Montessori method is about practical physical objects and environments. WMI includes active onsite meetings and classes as part of its work. 

WMI uses modular programmes together with the balance of onsite and online learning. This allows WMI to promote Montessori’s philosophy of freedom of choice within clear structures leading to independent learning – at all ages!

Flex Montessori


Planning and Recording for Montessori Schools and Pre-Schools

Developing Flex Montessori was a natural progression for WMI.  With our extensive experience in Montessori, our access to some of the best Montessori tutors, our work with the future Montessori teachers in our college, our ongoing connections and work with Montessori teachers, leaders, schools and pre-schools WMI was in a strong position to develop a focused, efficient and cost friendly solution to recording and planning in the Montessori classroom.





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