Some words from people who have read Clare's books

Clare Healy Walls' infectious enthusiasm for life and keen interest in the welfare of children has encouraged her to share her expertise with others who may be struggling with the noble task of parenthood in the Twenty-first Century.


Clare's accumulated wealth of knowledge in this field come from her own experience as a parent and grand-parent as well as her ongoing studies as a teacher and lecturer in the philosophy and pedagogy of Dr. Maria Montessori.


In my opinion, Clare is eminently qualified to share her experiences in the field of Montessori education with those who may find the language in text books written in the early Twentieth Century smoewhat difficult to understand.  Her special style of 'writing as she talks' makes the content of this set of books more attractive to readers.


I am happy to recommend these books as a key to a deeper understanding of Montessori's sound philosophy regarding the rearing of children.


Sighle P. Fitzgerald.

“I found The Conscious Parent to be an invaluable resource to me as a parent. I feel it put me in touch with my children’s needs. Clare truly brings Maria Montessori’s philosophy to life in an accessible way. It’s a book I find myself constantly coming back to in order to remind myself of the kind of parent I want to be; a conscious parent with independent, self-confident and happy children. I think Clare’s new handbook will make it even easier to dip into in those moments when I need some words of sanity to get me through a tough parenting situation."


Richael Connelly



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